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MessaggioInviato: 15 mar 2007, 12:50
da Ospite
I am very glad Greetings!

My name is Anny. I 1 day on the Internet. Also it is very glad, that has got on your forum
This first my message at a forum in section this. Here so much the necessary information.
So long!

Waw! I have found these sites just!!!



MessaggioInviato: 15 mar 2007, 14:30
da feidar
And thanks for all the fish(cite).
Welcome, darlin'.
I hope you'll find what you need.
For some info, ask freely.

MessaggioInviato: 15 mar 2007, 15:30
da Il Gobb
Welcome here ^________^

Feel free to ask us anything about Jojo's Bizarre Adventures or regarding the site/forum!

MessaggioInviato: 16 mar 2007, 4:14
da Skywalker
Welcome :)

Sorry for Feidar and Alyce, they are lamers...

Where are you from?

I wish U continue to post in this board ;)

Thanks you!

MessaggioInviato: 21 mar 2007, 12:50
da Ospite
Waw! I have found these sites just!!!



MessaggioInviato: 21 mar 2007, 13:58
da Alyce
My dear anity, why don't you show these disgusting things (I imagine from the name of the links that, luckily, don't work) to other people? We have manners, maybe you don't know this fact. Try and be a SERIOUS person.

Ryo, per favore, io sarò una scassaballe, ma non credo che questa sia una signorina "perbene", dati i siti che linka (che, fortunatamente, non funzionano). Cerchiamo di stare attenti, perchè, a quanto pare, i miei timori erano fondati.